VOX Claims Suburban Women Are Stupid


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Aug 4, 2015
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Underneath their own claim - "Millions rely on Vox’s explainers to understand an increasingly chaotic world" - VOX 'explainers' go on to 'explain' how suburban women stupid.

VOX tells the story of 34yo Katie Mazzocco whose entire life is destroyed because she got VOVID-19, and it's all President Trump's fault.

Yes, despite China creating COVID-19 in a Chinese Lab in Wuhan, China and unleashing it on the world, despite China hiding that fact and getting the WHO to complicitly help China cover up that fact, President Trump destroyed her life.

The article does not say if Katie adhered to safety protocols - if she washed her hands frequently, did not touch her face, wore a mask' religiously', if she listened to the Democrats and herded in large numbers, visited China Town, rode the subway in NY, marched in massive crowds supporting BLM without wearing a mask.....

It just tells the story of how Katie, the epitome of suburban women, has had her life destroyed because President Trump could not keep a Chinese-manufactured and released microscopic virus from entering the United States and personally protect her from getting the virus.

The article also goes on to talk about how the suburbs isn't like the rest of the country and how President Trump 'doesn't understand the suburbs'....

.....as if COVID-19 doesn't function the same in suburbs as it does everywhere else on the planet?



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Oct 9, 2019
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From the link:
Trump revels in being rude, macho, and chaotic — all things many women voters despise, pollsters told me.

“They really didn’t like Donald Trump’s personal style; they thought he was a bully, they thought he was divisive,” said veteran Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, who advises Biden’s campaign. “They hate chaos. Suburban women really want stability.”

I am not going to bash all women in the suburbs as superficial and emotional.

there are plenty of female trump supporters who make decisions based on facts and rationality

but these Karens...

what can I say without insulting them?

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