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Sep 27, 2019
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I was aware of this and had even had a couple minor episodes a few months ago. However, I recently found out just how bad it can be. I really underestimated it. I’ve been to a doc and physical therapist who diagnosed BPPV triggered from my left ear. The therapist taught me to do the Epley Maneuver for that ear and I’ve been fine since.

How bad can it be? I was asleep and woke up, feeling as if I was going to roll out of bed. When I opened my eyes, the room was moving left to right. I grabbed onto the mattress to convince myself I wasn’t going to roll out of bed. Then I started sweating so bad, I got up and staggered into the bathroom and laid on the tile floor against the tub to try to cool off. I didn’t want to move or talk. My wife came in and tried to get me to sit up. Big mistake, as soon as I moved I started dry heaves then violently vomiting. It took almost an hour before I could get back into bed.

The second episode, a week later, was worse. I was in the basement watching a movie with my wife and I sensed that something was wrong. Again the profuse sweating and this time the room was rotating clockwise in front of me. This time I couldn’t even stand, got down onto the floor and made it to a trash can before the vomiting started. It was two hours before I was stable enough to walk back upstairs.

I just wanted to tell this story so others know how bad it can be. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me the first time but it is apparently pretty common. For those of you that have had this, you have my sympathy. It’s absolutely miserable.

Fortunately, the physical therapy seems to have taken care of it and it’s easy enough to do that I can do it myself if I catch it early enough.

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