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Uche Jombo Takes “Damage” To America


May 31, 2010
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Posted on October 6, 2011 by nollywoodmindspace
After successful premieres in two Nigeria’s major cities, Lagos and Port Harcourt, and two more cities in the UK, London and Coventry, Damage, the movie on domestic violence produced by award winning actor, script writer and Globacom Ambassador, Uche Jombo is already setting the United States abuzz.
The clamor for the movie in the US which has continued to increase since its release to the cinemas has been overwhelming and intriguing. The movie that has taken the International film industry by storm is slated for screenings in the US cities of Staten Island, NY – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Atlanta, Georgia – Louisville, Kentucky – Houston and Dallas, Texas – Washington Area – and Trenton, NJ. Red Carpet dates include an after party attended by the cast.

The US premier of Damage – The Movie, coincides with the US Domestic Violence Awareness Month and lends its’ voice to the International outcry against domestic violence. A portion of the movie proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization that aids & educates victims of domestic violence. The Damage Movies, produced by Uche Jombo Studios, is a collection of three distinct but interwoven stories. Aimed at advocacy for social issues, each story addresses important problems affecting individuals, families and society at large.

The movie which has also been nominated for the Birmingham Black International Film Festival – Nollywood awards has also seen the lead actress, Jombo nominated for the coveted Best Actress award. Damage also has 7 nominations at the BON awards. Damage will also be premiered in Ghana on November 5 and 6 after which it will open for at the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas across the country

Speaking on the American premiere, the delectable lead actress cum producer, Uche Jombo said “ I am deeply overwhelmed by the support and love for the movie in the US. I am also grateful that the message in the movie is having the desired impact we set out to achieve and many more advocacy bodies are clamouring to partner with us with the aim of spreading the message to a wider audience round the globe. I am indeed honoured”

Damage stars some of Africa’s best like Kalu Ikeagwu, Basorge Tariah, Tonto Dike and Uche Jombo and directed by hardworking and charismatic Moses Ewang.

Source: Nollywood by Mindspace

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