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U.S. Intelligence bugging Princess Diana's phone

Dan Carlin

Dec 9, 2006
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Okay...I'm not the tabloid type and have no interest in Princess Diana per se...but this part of a newly released story on her is...um...hard to understand.


notice the part that says U.S. intelligence services were bugging her calls (with the knowlege of U.K. intelligence services it seems...if the story is to be believed...).

Am I missing something here? What is the national security interest involved here that would pass the "smell test" if this story ever hit the media (which, it seems it has...)?

The EVEN MORE troubling question, to me, is that there is nobody responsible in the U.S. government who we could grill about this. I mean...where does the "buck stop" anymore?

I'm a reporter by trade...who would I even contact about this to begin "running down" this story?

Apparently "plausible deniability" has reached new levels of...um..."deniability" hitherto undreamed of.

Sorry for the weird turn-of-phrase there at the end...

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