Trump’s White House Was ‘Awash in Speed’ — and Xanax

No, actually, I read the OIG report, because after all the kerfuffle over Biden's recent health screening, they even admitted he takes scripts daily.

I was curious as to how the whole health system in the WH works.

IF it was loosey goosey during the Trump term, does anyone really bleev it was any different during Obama. . .


. . . or Bush. . .



Biden and his posse of degenerates ain't no different. I just wanna know how the system of corruption works. What's so wrong with that?
It was said that all the air filters at the White in jan 2001 tested postive for cocaine.
My wife used to go to parties in DC. Those people do some really weird and sick things. Trump cannot control everything everyone does in his building. Many of them are government employees with special rights and privileges. He can't just fire a federal employee without establishing a paper-trail.
If a few of them were taking speed to keep working after a late night's understandable.
But notice the stark differences in coverage.
They find a bag of coke in the White House, right outside a secure room, and nobody accuses Joe Biden of anything. Maybe some speculated that Hunter was responsible.
But if there's a few speed freaks in the Trump White House, of course it's because of Trump, even though he doesn't see most of them at all during the run of a day.

I remember when I was in the military I never took any drugs. I was afraid of coming up hot on a piss test. But my guess is that they don't do that in the White House (but they should). Many of those folks spend all night going to parties and have to work 14 hours the next day.
Could you imagine if such a thing happened during the Trump presidency? People forget when cocaine fell like snow during the Clinton years.

Not seeing the issue all the medications listed are legal substances and were being prescribed by a doctor. It shows how hard the TRUMP administration was working, and it's no secret that many of these medications are used on oversees trips when people days and nights get flipped.

You take speed and sedatives when you travel?
Donald. Don, Jr. Ronny Jackson. All drug addicts.

Trump’s White House Was ‘Awash in Speed’ — and Xanax

Under Trump, the White House Medical Unit was “like the Wild West,” and staffers had easy access to powerful stimulants and sedatives, sources tell Rolling Stone
If you ever looked at the actions of the Trump White House and wondered, ‘Are they on drugs?’ — the answer was, in some cases, yes. Absolutely, yes.

In January, the Defense Department’s inspector general released a report detailing how the White House Medical Unit during the Trump administration distributed controlled substances with scant oversight and even sloppier record keeping. Investigators repeatedly noted that the unit had ordered thousands and thousands of doses of the stimulant modafinil, which has been used by military pilots for decades to stay alert during long missions.

The report didn’t say why so many of those pills had been given out. But for many who served in the Trump White House, the investigation highlighted an open secret. According to interviews with four former senior administration officials and others with knowledge of the matter, the stimulant was routinely given to staffers who needed an energy boost after a late night, or just a pick-me-up to handle another day at a uniquely stressful job. As one of the former officials tells Rolling Stone, the White House at that time was “awash in speed.”

Knowledgeable sources say that samples of the stimulant were passed around for those contributing lines to major Trump speeches, working late hours on foreign policy initiatives, responding to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, coping with the deluge of media inquiries about that investigation, and so much more. (Trump’s campaign did not respond to an email seeking comment for this story.)

Modafinil — also known by its brand name, Provigil — wasn’t the only controlled substance that Trump officials young and old routinely acquired. “It was kind of like the Wild West. Things were pretty loose. Whatever someone needs, we were going to fill this,” one source with direct knowledge of the matter recalls.

The anti-anxiety medication Xanax was also a popular, easy-to-get drug during the Trump years, three sources tell us. Neither Xanax nor its generic, alprazolam, is mentioned in the Pentagon report, which notes that it is not a comprehensive list of the controlled substances ordered during the Trump years. Two people with direct knowledge of the situation recall senior officials getting Xanax from the White House Medical Unit — and sharing it with colleagues.


Hunter's homies are jealous. :laugh:

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