Top 10 Economic Myths Reported by Media in 2006

The liberal media continues to ignore all the great economic news.

Watch in Jan how the liebral media will do a 180 and actually start reporting how strong the US economy is

And the liberal media will try to give Dems all the credit

Fact Sheet: Job Creation Continues –
More Than 7 Million Jobs Created Since August 2003
Today, The Government Released New Jobs Figures – 132,000 Jobs Created In November. Since August 2003, more than 7 million jobs have been created - more jobs than all the other major industrialized countries combined. Our economy has now added jobs for 39 straight months, and the unemployment rate is 4.5 percent, down 0.5 percent from the same time last year.

Real Wages Have Risen 2.8 Percent Over The Past Year. This means an extra $1,687 for the typical family of four with two wage earners.

USA Today/Gallup Poll Estimated Consumers Plan To Spend More Than $800 On Gifts This Season. The estimate is the "highest early November reading Gallup has seen since 2000," suggesting a "strong holiday season" for retailers. (Lydia Saad, "Christmas Shoppers Appear To Be In A Jolly Mood," 11/20/06, Available At:
The American Worker Is Benefiting From Economic Growth

Real After-Tax Income Per Person Has Risen By 9.4 Percent – $2,777 – Since The President Took Office.

Real Consumer Spending, Supported By Strong Job Gains And Rising Personal Income, Rose At An Annual Rate Of 3.4 Percent In The First Three Quarters Of This Year.

Consumer Prices Fell For A Second Straight Month In October. Consumer prices dropped by 0.5 percent in October, led by a 7 percent fall in energy prices.

Our Economy Has Grown A Solid 3 Percent Over The Past Four Quarters – Faster Than Any Other Major Industrialized Country.

Productivity Has Grown At An Annual Rate Of 3 Percent Since The First Quarter Of 2001, Up From A 2.4 Percent Annual Rate During The Preceding Five Years. Growing productivity has helped America lead the world in manufacturing, producing almost twice as much as second-place Japan last year.

Employment Increased In 42 States Over The Past 12 Months Ending In October.

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