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Those Paranoid Jews, Yeah, right.


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Nov 22, 2003
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Not-So-Fair Weathered Friends
by Aussie Dave at 08:51PM (IDT) on June 26, 2007 | Permanent Link

CNN is already well known for having an anti-Israel bias in their Middle East coverage, so it would not shock anyone to find a Middle East news report that reflects this.

What is shocking is the fact that this bias against Israel extends to their Weather site.

It all starts if you have the temerity to search for Jerusalem. In such a case, you receive 3 possible options:
- Jerusalem, null
- Jerusalem, OH
- Jerusalem AR

Needless to say, clicking on the Jerusalem without a country leads to the weather for Jerusalem, Israel.

Now if this was the only instance of weirdness, then I might even put it down to an innocent mistake. But like a bad infomercial, there's more.

If you go to the Weather Location Selector for the Middle East, you are presented with a list of countries. Gaza and the West Bank are listed as countries separate from Israel.

# And it gets worse. If you select Israel, a list of cities is displayed, which includes:Abu Shusha, an Arab village that has not existed since 1948
# Akbara, an Arab village near Safed that has not existed since 1948
# Al Atrun, which is the Arab name for the area of Latrun
# Dayr Ayyub, an Arab village that has not existed since 1948, and where the eastern segment of Canada Park is today

If like me, you are infuriated by this politicization of the weather, then you can contact CNN here.

And be sure to spread this around and have others complain to them.

(Hat tip to the good citizens of Beit Shemesh for pointing this out to me)

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