The two most hated words by the Republican Party: PROVE IT!



If you say the Republicans blocked the Obama administration from investigating BP, if the Republicans don't believe it, all they have to do is "PROVE IT".

Senate Republicans block BP investigation - Twin Cities Gas Prices

If you say Republicans blackmailed Obama into extending the Bush Tax cuts is a lie, "PROVE IT".

Unemployment benefits not until Bush tax cuts pass Senate GOP says -

Republicans used reconciliation three times. It's how our enormous deficits began. If that's not true, "PROVE IT".

The use of reconciliation 1980-2008 - Brendan Nyhan

GOP Senators Who Used Budget Reconciliation To Pass Bush Agenda Items Now Calling It Chicago Style Politics ThinkProgress

Republicans on the USMB scream liar and cry that some are being paid to post lies.

Well, all they have to do is "PROVE IT". As long as they cry and whine without more than a "liar" I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Wink, smile and say to myself, "Those jokers are so awful, they are actually funny".

Harry Dresden

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Dec 15, 2008
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Republicans HATE Education and want to END it......Dean....prove a righty,even a far right one, saying that he HATES Education so much that he just wants to END educating anyone........because that is what you have said more than once....but have never proved it.....

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