Thank god I was raped.


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Mar 13, 2007
I really dont know whether this is good or bad.

Typical brainwashing. I doubt that the children who got raped by the priests are saying, thank god that priest raped me, I feel closer to god now.
I find the whole thing mind boggling, on the one hand, these people are coping with these tragedies, and accepting them, but on the other hand, its still fucked up.
This is the problem with Religion. It steers people so far away from Reality. Sure some people it helps. But there are waaay too many examples of people who take religion too far. Islamic Extremists, People who blow up Abortion clinics, The freaking wackoos in Utah. It should be used simply to help you to determine right from wrong and to give you strength to make it through the day. Thats it.
There will always be those who take an antiquated man written, and rewritten book as fact, The problem arises when they choose to enterpret, believe and enforce the parts they like that are suitable to their cause, and ignore the rest.
Is it wrong of me to think these people might benefit from a good hard slap on the face?

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