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Tea Partiers, Libertarians & Nevada Have Influenced Me On Education


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Jul 14, 2011
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When we moved here from Texas, I found out that several of the high schools are "trade schools". This is not the old version. They have focuses in all kinds of non-blue-collar occupations, as well. They can be applicable immediately after graduation and in most of the schools, the kids can start earning college credits their sophomore year and end up with an associate degree in computer or electrical engineering, or a trade certificate in plumbing etc.. at or near graduation. I think this is a good idea! Our daughter doesn't go to one because she has a few things going for her (like an eighty mph forehand in tennis at age 14!) that will make college a lot more viable. But even at her school, a couple of her AP classes will begin counting toward nationally accredited college units this year.
I have been greatly influenced by the more rational Tea Partiers and Libertarians here, (obviously not the "You must agree with us on EVERYTHING and adore all of our candidates!" types - the other ones) when it comes to getting rid or greatly reducing the role of the Fed in education and NCLB certainly shows it can lead to more harm than good.
I'd like to see more states with programs like they have here. Do they have these schools in other states? I haven't seen them. What say you?


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Apr 28, 2011
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In a Republic, actually
If you’re referring to a so-called ‘dual diploma’ program with a vocational track and college prep track, yes, to the best of my knowledge they are very rare. Most states have a one-size fits all approach. There are magnate schools and the like which focus on a particular discipline, but they’re the exception where the majority of students follow a general education track. After graduation students will either go to trade school for vocational careers or college and spend a semester or two in remedial classes to address academic deficiencies.

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