some poems of mine

Poem by Microsoft Copilot:

In the shadows of defeat, they stand,
The ones who've stumbled, lost, and faced the sand.
But listen closely, for their story unfolds,
Of strength unyielding, and hearts that hold.

They're not mere losers; they're warriors true,
Their battles fought silently, away from view.
Each setback a lesson, each fall a chance,
To rise again, fueled by relentless advance.

For in the struggle lies their hidden might,
A phoenix emerging from the darkest night.
They wear scars like badges, proof of their fight,
And dance with courage under the moon's soft light.

So let's not call them losers; that's not their name,
They're champions of resilience, fueled by flame.
In their journey, they find purpose anew,
And transform setbacks into skies of blue.
Amidst tranquil skies,
Seeds of hope take root and bloom,
Peace whispers softly.
We hope You All find solace in these words...

Don Hong-Oai (1929-2004)
Chinese photographer

The Nazis seem happy despite having been kicked out of Euro24 earlier than any host nation previously .

They were ill advised to pick Heinz Belsen in their team .
That annoyed many people and their manager was an imbecile to say that his team were going to press hard on the gas pedal before their last game .

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