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Jun 19, 2009
When is our gov't gonna do something about the constant leaking of classified info including our military deployments and counter terrorism operations.
Today they broadcasted to the enemy that we were about to pounce on a leader of an organization as the last effort by Obama to save his ego and make his party not look 100% useless.
CNN IS made up of alot of foreign investors that don't have our best interest at hand and these breaches of classified intelligence and military operations has got to be dealt with as well as their using propaganda and stiring up insurrection as the purposeful tactic to destabilize our gov't like the investor's countries are.
It's OK, Hash, the Orange Wonder assures us the RNC has got this internet security thing wrapped up.
Just wait til he's sorted the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Terrorists, the Economy, ....
Eventually, he'll install the RNC's cyber security across the board, and CNN won't get any more damaging info.
The irony is the only way they can tell us who hacked what, is if they violated privacy rights and or hacked or spyed themselves.
Everyone should be fuming that this is what they are concerned about while every financial broker, retailer, and even the IRS has had compromised personal data the last 2 years and scams are being comitted with that info, because they are to busy throwing dung instead of setting up info hotlines to REPORT THE SUSPICIOUS SCAMS attempting to use that info.
Granny says, "Dat's right...

... dey oughta be brought up on charges...

... of espionage and...

... aiding and abetting the enemy."

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