Senator Hilary Clinton want to be President


Jan 15, 2004
Why, I as millions of other Americans question Hilary Clinton candidacy for President of the United States. First and for most you are the classic example of a Washington insider that is in the pockets of the special interests groups. The proof of this is the great amount of money you have already raised and will raise in the future for your political aspirations.

The second great concern is that your “Health Care Reform Package” will be similar as former President Clinton’s Palestinian-Israel Peace process. During the time of the Oslo, Wye River and Camp David peace talks of the 90s the number of illegal Jewish’s settlers double in number and size. New Jewish only by-pass roads were created that diced and sliced the West Bank into a Bantustan state of oppression of the indigenous people of the region. During this time President Clinton was telling the American people and the world that progress towards peace was being made between the Palestinians and Israelis. When the true realities on the ground were the living conditions of the Palestinian people were getting worst and worse while Americans were being told otherwise by President Clinton.

That the national leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties are in the pockets of the special interests groups such as the military industrial complex, the Israeli lobby, and too many others to name. The growth in the number of the K Street lobbies since the 90s is a crime within its self. So many American people see you are part of the problem and not part of the answer because of your big Washington pockets. This holds true for most of the Presidential candidates of both major political parties. There are too many double talking lawyers and not enough common sense in Washington D.C.. That American people do not want a two family monarchy to rule the country any longer.
May Peace be with You

Peace Reform Initiative in the Middle East

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