Red Alert: Anti-Taliban Leader Flips Script on Biden – Issues Chilling Warning

Biden is not going to be around in 2035, you twit.
He said it..... do I have to look it up for you?... drilling for oil is a decade long venture... it doesn't happen over night...
We couldn't stay in Afghanistan forever. We trained their military for 20 years and the moment we left they laid down their arms and surrendered power to the Taliban. **** them.

Leftist moderator blows it again.
Are we still in Germany, after World War II?
Was that more than 20 years ago?
Are we still in Italy, after World War II?
Was that more than 20 years ago?
Are we still in Japan, after World War II?
Was that more than 20 years ago?

You never type five words without blathering like a fool.

I'm 100% sure there will be a terrorist attack given they have been walking across our open borders for three + years now.

It's not even a question if it will happen, I just hope it happens in a blue area because deserves has everything to do with it.

Don't expect me to get all riled up about it either.

It's also from the Daily Mail.
An Aristocracy Without a Coat of Arms

It will take far less than 1% of us to dethrone those born in the 1%. There's no legal way to do that, because the rule of law is the law of the rulers.

And it was Deserter Dubya who got us into that Vietnam-like mess. Thanks to partisan hypocrisy, the Heirguardsman is now weaseling out of taking the blame, just like his guillotine-fodder classmates during the previous richkid-free war. Biden was left holding the Preppy book-bag.

Remember. ENRON needed a pipeline to Dabhol.
Remember. ENRON needed a pipeline to Dabhol.

Do better.

Arthur Andersen conviction overturned​

Jury instructions too vague in Enron document-shredding case​

By Bill Mears
CNN Washington Bureau
Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Posted: 2:05 PM EDT (1805 GMT)

• FindLaw: Arthur Andersen, LLP v. U.S.
external link

• FindLaw: Case docket
external link

• FindLaw: Background material
external link

• CNN/Money: Scandal, Inc.
U.S. Supreme Court
external link
Supreme Court
Enron Corporation
William H. Rehnquist
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the conviction of accounting firm Arthur Andersen, a symbolic victory for a nearly defunct company torn apart in a document-shredding case involving onetime energy giant Enron.

The ruling represents a major defeat for the federal government's aggressive efforts to fight corporate wrongdoing.

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