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RCMP denied using facial recognition technology - then said it had been using it for months


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Aug 6, 2012
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Toronto Police, Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP and others. All lied about using this. Police blatantly lie because they have nefarious uses for this. It won't be just to caught creeps and predators, that's always the line they use to draw support.

Why would a police force lie if it was such needed technology? There is no happy ending for any of us if this become the norm.

1984 is comedy fiction compared to what is going on today.


Just weeks after the RCMP denied using facial recognition technology, it acknowledged that it had been using Clearview AI's controversial software — which has harvested billions of personal photos from social media — for months.

A few weeks ago, CBC Nova Scotia reached out to the national police service's headquarters for comment for a story about Canadian police forces using facial recognition technology.

"The RCMP does not currently use facial recognition software," wrote a spokesperson from national headquarters on Jan. 17, replying to CBC's query. "However, we are aware that some municipal police services in Canada are using it."

But last week, as the debate over the ethics of Clearview AI's facial recognition technology was heating up and following reports the company's client list had been hacked, the RCMP issued a statement confirming it had been using the technology for at least the previous four months.

The force said its child exploitation unit has used the technology successfully, resulting in the rescue of two children.

The statement goes on to say that "a few units in the RCMP" are using the controversial tech to "enhance criminal investigations," but did not say where it's being used or how.

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