Rarest And Strangest Sharks Species Hidden In The Ocean


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Feb 13, 2020
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Sharks have been around for more than 400 million years. Although not all species of sharks managed to keep their population till modern days. In fact, almost 16 percent of all sharks are threatened with extinction. Here is the list of the rarest sharks in the world.

Pocket Shark
The pocket shark is a species of kitefin shark in the family Dalatiidae. The species is found in deep water off Chile in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. The first pocket shark was discovered in 1979 off the coast of Peru. They lack the pointed snouts typical of many other shark species, having instead a generally rounded head . Some researchers hypothesize that the pockets may excrete some kind of glowing fluid or pheromones.

Two headed sharks
These strange creatures are appearing in waters around the world at an unprecedented rate. They first started appearing in 2008 off the Australian coast. In 2013, fishermen in Florida found a two headed fetus in the uterus of a bull shark . Scientists speculate that causes for the mutations might be linked to viral infections, pollution, or overfishing. With fewer sharks, the gene pool shrinks, increasing the chances of inbreeding and passing on abnormal genes.

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