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Prosecutor: 'Baseline Killer' tried to hide DNA with dirt


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Jul 13, 2007
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Two sisters were sexually assaulted in 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona
They identify their attacker was the man known as the 'Baseline Killer'
Prosecutor says suspect tried to hide DNA by rubbing dirt on victim
The defendant denies all charges, says DNA tests inconclusive


Hmmmmmm. It doesn't sound like this case can be proved beyond reasonable doubt. The DNA can't be veriied as his and the girls couldn't identify his pictures after the crime, only after they say he was arrested they could identify him. Also they don't speak English, so we get to pay for an interperator. If your gonna be in this country SPEAK ENGLISH PERIOD.

Now if this guy is convicted of the serial killings I hope he gets the death penalty, but as far as this case goes they can't really prove he did it.

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