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Nov 17, 2012
Pop music videos sell music but also visuals, which is mainly curves. Feminism needs to promote the same curves, to claim equal status of the female form. So here is an idea. Let's remove the law of prohibiting half naked videos of girl artists.

Since this is by far the single most powerful media that controls public sentiment, letting girl artists record videos half naked would instantaneously achieve the goal of equality.

Also, there is the science of sexualization which is negative culture, and this would desexualize at least half of the female body, thereby a positive step towards normalcy.

Your take?

There's a law against recording naked? Where?
US media law prohibits it. US media law prohibits even what other countries allow. The problem with US media law is that it can't differentiate between sex and art. A naked artist is not sex, so should not be classified X rated.

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