CDZ One big name missing from the Wikileaks dump, and what the possibly means


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Oct 11, 2016
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One noticeable absence from the Wikileaks Podesta email dump is Barack Obama. Reading through the emails you sense very little real influence from the direction of the White House.

For months I've been wondering whether the super popular (in Dem circles) first lady would emerge as the sleeper candidate as Hillary's troubles mounted to the point of untenability. But residing in the heat sink that the White House has become removes some of her glow as well. Thus there is a diminished likelihood Hillary will have her strings snipped at the last minute and see them attached to Michelle Obama.

A couple of Michelle's recent appearances have seemed like test runs in ways I haven't seen her do before. Whoever is behind it has to be disappointed with her un-candidate-like presence, not that that would be all that important. If she could carry the party through the election, that would be enough. But she seems pretty obviously too lacking.
Whoever is behind it

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There seems to the "thing" percolating among the electorate, or at least a segment of it, whereby folks don't actually understand that what is "behind" what all very highly successful, qualified and smart people, leaders, do or don't do is the individual who's doing "whatever." Yes, of course, folks have advisors and supporters. Yes, people have "people" who work to carry out their initiatives. Nobody, I repeat, nobody who is highly successful became so entirely on their own.

Every last one of us had help. Michael Jackson, Oprah, Beyonce, Madonna, Elvis. Not one of them did it alone. It may be one's administrative assistant, or it may be the various people who work to achieve one's vision. It could be the promoter, the producer, the director, the cinematographer, the stage crew, the studio head, the competitor, the best friend, the mentor, the spouse, the teacher, the parent, the boss, the subordinate, or some or all of those folks in a figure's life. So too for political luminaries.

For all that's verity, however, make no mistake, neither the protagonist nor their supporting players would be whom and what they are were it not for the principal being committed and able to do "whatever." If that person is unwilling "to do," no matter who is aiding them, it will not for them be done. One can be a behind the scenes player, but the leader must lead from the front and who's behind them isn't for the principal who or what's making "their day in the sun" happen.

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