Of course this makes no difference when Biden encouraged illegals to "immediate surge to the border, "


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Sep 19, 2011
Biden's Department of Homeland Security is responsible for 200,000 deportation cases being "thrown out" because they didn't file the right paperwork.

So the "efficient" DHS has to deal with the above and all of it due to two actions Biden has done that caused this problem!
Action 1:
"I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediate surge to the border, "

Action 2:
Biden on Wednesday ordered a “pause” on all wall construction within a week, one of 17 executive orders issued on his first day in office, including six dealing with immigration.
The order leaves billions of dollars of work unfinished — but still under contract — after Trump worked feverishly last year to build more than 450 miles (720 kilometers), a goal he said he achieved eight days before leaving office.

This is the result!

He's not as feeble as he makes out to be.

If you look at him and something just doesn't look right, it's because something isn't right about it.

Hillary was gonna play sick when they had her set up to take over for Obama, but Trump put a hold on that.
Now Biden is their puppet.
You talking about Slow Horses or Biden?
You talking about Slow Horses or Biden?
Slow Horses?

Don't know about horses......just know that Biden isn't quite as fucked up as he appears to be.

When the media is directed out of the room.....he gives it away with a sneer.

He's a lazy, stupid fuck, but he's not a complete fool.

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