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Iran + Nuclear Weapon= 2 ( Osama Bin Laden )


Mar 28, 2006
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Iran can have a nuclear weapan by early 2008. This is true and it won't come as a surprise either. President Mahmoud is saying that he wants to harness nuclear fuel for energy purposes but the way he is speeding up Uranium enrichment shows that he wants to be the first country in the Mid East to have a nuke. Iran is currently using centrifuge technology in which impure Uranium is spun in high speeds to get that 0.7% of bomb grade uranium. Also , I have a big big hunch that he might be using Calutrons ( Californian cyclotrons - The one which E.O Lawrence used to enrich uranium for the U.S ) . Calutrons are used for EMIS ( Electro Magnetic Isotope Separation). Here , the impure uranium and bomb grade ( i.e pure uranium ) is separated. Now , if Iran uses both centrifuge and calutrons to enrich uranium they can 35 kilograms of bomb grade uranium to make atleast one nuke. God , knows when exactly they started enriching uranium.... Now , imagine if Iran has the nuke.. I need not repeat the threat which Iran could pose for U.S interests in the Gulf.. And IF that nuke ever went into Osama's hands ( better not think about it..). Also , N.Korea is helping Iran with its Shahab Missiles. This is not mere speculation but a damn big threat to the world. Iran has often been associated with terrorists. ALso , there is virtually no security between the Iran-Afghan border. Its like going from Nevada to California. Now , the U.S should take military action. Screw the damn U.N. The Iranian threat is far more dangerous then the U.N not supporting the States. I believe the U.S should start planning a major offensive against Iranian weapons production facilities. Even , N.R.O's sophisticated satellite surveillances systems cannot discover underground NCB weapons facilities. Remember , Iran has its weapons well hidden. Iran has 2 faces. One which it shows to the whole world with a smile acting like a snivelling victim and the other face of jihad , war and terror which only the choicest of people in this world know.


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