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I'm missing the Outrage of Liberal Medias because of killed Christians.


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Sep 19, 2008
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Brooklyn, NYC
Do you remember non-stop 24/7 outrage of Liberal Medias against the opponents of Ground Zero Mosque? Even closet Muslim Hussein Obama visited the Mosque and bowed down to its Imam. But today, Muslims ( not mythical "extremists") slaughter Christians in droves, but mainstream liberal Medias keep silence and mantra-like repeat the Islam was the Religion of Peace.An Iran Priest must be punished with dead today or tomorrow, the Liberals Medias are silent again.

But Woe if approve for erection of a sky high Mosque is postponed or somebody dare to burn the Holy Book of Liberals - Quran.

It is a good evidence that Liberals are enemy of Christians and voting for Liberals is like Voting for Devil.

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