"If humans can only hold their breath for 10 minutes, then how is it that Louis Armstrong was the first man on the moon?" Asks a biden voter

This might be the best thing I've ever heard. To be honest my elem students would smell the rat here hahahah
Then again you're referring to the left who are now up to 57 genders.

So, that person could very well be a true blue authentic contaminated leftist like Hellbilly.

I mean this is a typical left wing muppet on cnn asking that fake scientist bill nye if an asteroid coming close to earth is an effect of GLOBAL WARMING.

This is what they are. They parade around as wise and educated when ALL OF THEM are arrogant and ignorant while being completely self unaware and always hypocrites.

That's all they are, about EVERYTHING.
How many genders are there in your little world? More than two?

Glad you said in my world. We look at gender differently than you.
For example, In the Diné language, there are at least six genders: Asdzáán (woman), Hastiin (male), Náhleeh (feminine-man), Dilbaa (masculine-woman), Nádleeh Asdzaa (lesbian), 'Nádleeh Hastii (gay man).

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