GA Secretary Of State Opens 250 Investigations Into ‘Credible Claims Of Illegal Voting’


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Jun 11, 2015
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The commie infested, queer loving liberal NE USA
Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of State, stated on Monday that Georgia has opened 250 investigations into “credible claims of illegal voting and violation of state election law.”

During a press conference, and I imagine PLENTY of pressure from us Georgians, the Secretary of State carefully laid out his statements, adding that "dishonest actors" had added "massive amounts of misinformation" into the mainstream media.

Raffensperger seemed to pummel Trump's legal team without straightforwardly naming them, saying they were “exploiting the emotions of many Trump supporters with fantastic claims, half-truths, misinformation, and frankly, they are misleading the president as well.”

“As we move forward in the process, we will, as we always have been, we will continue to investigate credible claims of illegal voting and violation of state election law,” Raffensperger said. “There are currently over 250 open cases from 2020 and we have 23 investigators to follow up on that. Some of these include, a charge Gwinnett County that absentee ballots outnumber absentee envelopes. This is the kind of specific charge that our office can investigate and ascertain the truth.”

“We have multiple investigations underway surrounding absentee ballots in Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and many others. We continue our investigations into potential dead, double voters, and non-resident voters,” he continued. “As we move to the December 1st election, which is tomorrow, and the January 5th federal runoffs, we have to remain vigilant.”

“That is why I’m announcing an investigation into third party groups working to register people in other states to vote here in Georgia,” he added. “We have opened an investigation into a group called America Votes who is sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they have not lived since 1994; Vote Forward, who attempted to register a dead Alabama voter, a woman, to vote here in Georgia; The New Georgia Project, who sent voter registration applications to New York City, at Operation New Voter Registration Georgia, who is telling college students in Georgia that they can change their residency to Georgia and then change it back after the election.”

Raffensperger finished up the interview by more than once reminding individuals that committing election fraud is a felony.

Yeah... we'll see how this goes...

BJ - No credible accusations of fraud, none, zero - none -
Question - is 250 more than none?
The same secretary of state who certified the election for Biden?
I dont think that that word means what you think that it means.
Certified election results are results that are final and officially verified by the relevant elections office. Once election results are certified, the effects - either the approval or rejection of candidates or measures - can take place because all the ballots that are going to be counted have been.
Seems to me that he would knowingly be making himself pretty foolish if he certified and then claimed fraud
What do you believe being "certified" means?
See post 35. It has nothing to do with what I believe. It has to do with dealing with reality. Obviously you are not. It is over.
So you don't know.
You are just throwing around words that you don't know the meaning of.
Did you look at the damned link that I directed you to? !! By the way, the link that you provided to support your hogwash could not be accessed. Perhaps you could supply a valid source if there is one , which I doubt. I think that I know where you are getting the crap in your OP from. There is an investigation but it has nothing to do with the presidential election. But I'll let you know figure it out if you can.


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Jul 25, 2018
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When this doesn't change the outcome of the election, will Trump supporters be satisfied that their concerns of fraud were addressed accordingly?

Of course not. You guys are just going to whine and cry until Trump is declared the winner, which he won't be.

Eric Arthur Blair

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Jul 21, 2015
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Here's something the fat assed whiners could have found for themselves.
But I am sick of hearing the complaining of losers and liars.
So here you are. Now shut the fuck up!

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