Fox Poll shows Trump in free fall

Another moron believing a poll, this will change every minute until the election and I put no weight into any of the polls. Just a snapshot of time.
Never said it was anything more than a snapshot… that shows he in free fall. Maybe it makes no difference but it’s better to be going up than down.
Well, well, well. This is awkward. Biden polling over 50% on Fox’s own poll. Results have Trump in a free fall. Perhaps his shark speech nonsense gave peeps a lot to worry about?

Fox News poll finds Biden ahead of Trump by two points by Nick Robertson -

06/19/24 10:10 PM ET President Biden leads former President Trump by two points in a national poll of the presidential election published by Fox News on Wednesday, taking a lead for the first time since last October.

A bare majority, 50 percent, of respondents said they would vote for Biden in November, while 48 percent said they would back Trump. It’s a three-point improvement for Biden over last month’s Fox News poll, where Trump led by one point.

Wednesday’s poll marks the first time Biden has cracked 50 percent support this election cycle, and the first time he has led Trump in a Fox poll since October 2023.
Polls seem quite unreliable, but I rather be ahead than behind....

Personally, I think Democrats are playing the Trump game and aren't trying to show how shit a President he actually was...

Look at Global Inflation...

The biggest reason for this Global Inflation was that Oil went from $15/Barrel to $122/Barrel...

That is an 8 fold increase... How did this happen? It was due to GLOBAL supply and demand...
Who cut the Oil Supply?
It's not germane (that's how it's spelled, btw) to simple minded dolts, but perceptive adults realize that showing Trump polling above Biden in swing states undermines said dolt's snarky BS comment.
Not sparky at all. Simply pointed out to the MAGAGATARD that Iowa is NOT considered a swing state. It can't be any simpler!

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