For anyone who cares...

Please tell me!
here ya go:

Go to Click on the eraser on her desk.

1. Click the knob on the open door in the mirror to see the Christmas tree.

2. Click on the top half of the main door to see a wreath.

3. Click on the top of the mirror to reveal garland.

4. Click the spider web next to the mirror, and it will disappear.

5. Click on the fourth chime in the window and it will turn into the key for the door.

6. Drag the key to the door knob to unlock the door.

7. The door opens to reveal a package.

8. When you click the bow, the package will open.

9. Inside is a game of Hangman you can play to guess the title of Book 7!
Thanks, Fuzzy.

if you explore the website, and unlock all the secrets, you get little 'Easter Eggs' such as copies of the first pages she ever wrote, answers to many popular questions, and you can even submit a question to her which she picks one every so often and answers it as best she can without telling anything revealing. For example, on the main desk page, type MAGIC (6-2-4-4-2) on the keypad, and a nice little surprise will happen. There's fun stuff all over that site.

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