Favorite PC Game

My new all time favorite! Placid Plastic Duck Simulator!


"The Floating Tower" – A Tribute to Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure​

I think this is the most powerful variant of Starfield´s Old Earth Hunting Rifle. I can even improve it a bit but I still lack the science I need to do.

Picked up Enshrouded yesterday on Steam. It’s the kind of game you can’t stop playing. Ive found the wand and the shield to be a good combat combo.
Nice graphics. Give it a B+.
Hi guys..i mostly play these games on my pc..Battlefield 3. Need for speed, tekken 3 and vice city....Tell me guys...which game are you playing on your pc.?
I play too many games. Right now I play Tabletop Simulators

I also play. Civilization, ECO, MUDS, WoW, Warcraft, Chessmaster, Bridge, Game Dev Tycoon, Flight Simulator, Fortnight, Call of Duty. Kerbal Space Program, League of Legends. The Sims, Minecraft, Portal, Age of Empires

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