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Europe and The Immigration Problems


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Nov 22, 2003
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Islam is Taking a Grip on Europe
Why Muslims Object to Piggy Banks

By Wolfgang Polzer

WETZLAR — Islam is slowly but surely taking a grip on the European culture, warns the German journalist and university lecturer Udo Ulfkotte. Traditional values, customs and judicial standards are gradually customized to meet Muslim requirements.

As Ulfkotte explained at a meeting of Christian Democrats in Wetzlar, March 8, more and more institutions are making allowances for Muslims. Many banks, he said, are abandoning the so-called piggy banks, because they are afraid of losing Muslim customers. Muslims regard the pig as an unclean animal.

German butchers who sell pork are targeted by Muslim extremists, according to Ulfkotte. Muslims occasionally spit on sausages on sale at open-air markets.

In some European cities Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport dogs, even blind persons with guide dogs. Two schools in Berlin have installed two separate entrances – one for German Christians and Jews and the other for Muslim Arabs and Turks. This sounds so very familiar.

The Muslim Sharia law is also beginning to take hold. Banks are offering Sharia-friendly investments, Ulfkotte said. Authorities in Berlin have recognized a Sharia lawyer, who settles family feuds.

According to the journalist many German politicians turn a blind eye to the gradual Islamization. They often emphasize that the vast majority of the 3.5 million Muslims in Germany are peaceful citizens. But, says Ulfkotte, 40 percent are convinced that the German constitution is incompatible with Islam.

According to the journalist many Muslims in Europe show a lack of tolerance. For their integration to be successful they would have to adapt to basic European values.

Hindus, Ulfkotte said, are a good example that this is possible. They accept that Europeans eat beef, although Hindus regard cows as sacred animals.


Islamic militants warn Austria, Germany

By SALAH NASRAWI, Associated Press WriterSun Mar 11, 8:40 AM ET

Islamic militants threatened to attack Germany and Austria unless the two European nations break ranks with the U.S. and withdraw their personnel from Afghanistan, according to a Web statement.

"Germany will face more threats and dangers if it doesn't withdraw its troops from Afghanistan," an unidentified speaker said in a video statement posted Saturday on an Islamic Web site used by al-Qaida-linked militants.

The authenticity of the video could not be verified, but it was released by the Voice of the Caliphate, which is said to be run by Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida group.

The unidentified speaker, whose face was blurred, said about 2,700 German soldiers in Afghanistan will "not be safe from attacks" by the Taliban and al-Qaida fighters in the war-torn nation. He also threatened that the militants will carry out attacks in Austria and against Austrian personnel in Afghanistan.

"Austria has always been one of the most safe countries in Europe, depending on tourism both in summer and winter," the unidentified speaker said. "But if it doesn't withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, it may be among targeted nations."

Austrian Interior Ministry spokesman Rudolf Gollia was quoted by the Austria Press Agency as saying that the threats were very "abstract." Government representatives were meeting Sunday morning to discuss the situation.

The tape also featured a portion of an old video of al-Qaida's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri threatening Western countries with attacks.

Germany has no troops in Iraq but has troops serving with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, most of them focused in the north of the country.

Austria also has no troops in Iraq and has just five officers in Afghanistan.

Also Saturday, a separate, previously unknown Iraqi insurgent group released a video on the Web threatening to kill a German woman and her son kidnapped in Iraq unless Germany withdrew its troops from Afghanistan within 10 days....


Al-Qaeda plot to bring down UK internet
David Leppard

SCOTLAND YARD has uncovered evidence that Al-Qaeda has been plotting to bring down the internet in Britain, causing chaos to business and the London Stock Exchange.

In a series of raids, detectives have recovered computer files revealing that terrorist suspects had targeted a high-security internet “hub” in London.

The facility, in Docklands, houses the channel through which almost every bit of information on the internet passes in or out of Britain.

The suspects, who were arrested, had targeted the headquarters of Telehouse Europe, which houses Europe’s biggest “web hotel”, containing dozens of “servers” , the boxes which contain the information that makes up the web.

Security experts say the plot against Britain’s internet “hub” reflects the constantly changing threat from Al-Qaeda and related Islamic extremist groups....


Islamic extremists 'infiltrate Oxbridge'

By Roya Nikkhah, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 1:17am GMT 11/03/2007

Leading universities including Oxford and Cambridge have been targeted by Islamic extremists who remain widely active on campuses, a prominent academic is warning.

Omar Bakri Mohammed founder of al-Muhajiroun
Omar Bakri Mohammed founder of al-Muhajiroun

Up to 48 British universities have been infiltrated by fundamentalists and the threat posed by radical groups must be "urgently addressed", according to Prof Anthony Glees.

The claim calls into question the Government's attempted crackdown on Islamic extremism in universities and casts doubt on claims by Bill Rammell, the Higher Education Minister, that the problem is not widespread.

Prof Glees will warn the Association of University Chief Security Officers (Aucso) next month that the disbanded extremist group, al-Muhajiroun, claims to have infiltrated "the main campuses such as Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics and Imperial College".

His speech on "radicalism in universities" also states that at its peak before the July 7 bombings in 2005, al-Muhajiroun had a presence at "more than 48 universities and faculties", and that Omar Bakri Mohammed, the group's founder, claims it is "still operational" in several campuses.

Prof Glees, the director of Brunel University's Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies, said: "We must accept this problem is widespread and underestimated. Unless clear and decisive action against campus extremism is taken, the security situation in the UK can only deteriorate."



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Mar 3, 2004
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A trait not immediately recognized in Christians is our toughness. Bring it all the way down to what's right and wrong, and we'll FIGHT your ass. Ask ANYBODY.

Post-Christian Europe is paralysis itself. It is, as - I believe, Mark Steyn - said, no longer tough enough, or Christian enough, to defend itself.

And, of course, I got that bit of information from you, K!

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