Election Integrity

Biden (and his boss Obama- the real President) have let in millions of illegals, or as Biden just called them, “voters.” Why would anyone want to let in millions of foreign invaders, criminals, terrorists and the world’s poverty-stricken who require welfare from cradle to grave? You’d have to be insane. You’d have to be a suicide bomnber.
Because to Democrats these are all simply new Democrat voters.

Give them all $10,000 visa cards, $2,000 cash, free flights anywhere they want (without any ID necessary to board planes), free food, free healthcare, free phones and free legal services. Add in welfare, food stamps and Medicaid. Add in free public school for each illegal alien child- worth $20,000 to $40,000 per child, annually.

And then ask only one thing in return- fill out the voter registration form and vote for Biden and straight Democrat down the ballot. And of course, no one needs to read or speak English. Conveniently, they can all vote in Spanish. That’s why Biden calls the Spanish language “America’s future.”

The open border isn’t about letting illegal aliens into America. It’s about letting Democrat voters into America.
Would someone tell me how this is a conspiracy? I do not expect an answer from a group rank cowards.

Are you asking for a friend? or maybe you watched the MOD Squad last night.................

Kessler also misreports the results of Just Facts’ study by claiming that it found non-citizens gave Biden “almost an additional 18,000 votes” in Arizona in 2020. In reality, the study plainly states that non-citizens gave Biden an “extra” “51,081 ± 17,689” votes in Arizona. This equals 33,000 to 69,000—not 18,000.
Ironically, Donald Trump was indicted by a D.C. grand jury for accurately citing the lower bound of those figures.
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Confirmation from GA board of Elections. Now with apology? Apology don’t feed any real Bulldog . Worthless Stain deny. Deep State locks up those dare to question. Yes, banana republic Police State is what they love to live.

This weekend, Dr. Johnston addressed the Georgia GOP State Convention. During her speech, she pointed out how insecure our elections are in comparison to other functions:

One county. Three counts. Three different results. 380,761 ballot images from one county, from Election Day, on the first count, that are not found.

“17,875 ballot images from the recount that cannot be found. Thousands of ballots, or vote counts, that were duplicated.
“Think about it. First count: 528,776. Second count: 525,293. Third count: 511,727. Final count of 527,925. Those numbers don’t match.

Let me tell you…I’m an old surgeon. When I operate, we count every needle. Every sponge. And every instrument that used in the operating room when we operate on the patient. We count them by hand. We count them three times. And if they don’t match, we don’t leave the operating room.

NEW: Georgia Election Board dumbfounded after finding out that 3,000 ballots were scanned twice in the 2020 election recount in Fulton County.The board also revealed that 380,761 ballot images from machine count were “not available.”Q: Does Fulton County know why there are…
During the Georgia State Election Board meeting on May 7th, Georgia SOS General Counsel Charlene McGowan assured us numerous times that the paper ballots are the most imporant thing for the count and that they are in agreement. However, Garland Favorito and VoterGA are now going on more than 500 days since the Georgia Supreme Court gave their ballot inspection lawsuit standing and sent it back to the lower courts for a hearing. 500 days.

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