Corrupt Media Moving The Goalposts On COVID-19 Again


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Apr 28, 2020
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  • First we had to wear a mask for 2 weeks to level out the increase in hospitalizations.
  • Next we had to keep 6 feet from each other and wear a mask to reduce infections.
  • Then it became the threat of new cases that led to total lock downs of businesses and churches.
  • Eventually Democrats started cancelling events.
  • Then the Democrats started mandating wearing masks outdoors.
  • Now......they're complaining that we aren't doing enough to totally stop new cases.
  • The goal is no new cases now.....not just a we must continue to wear those stupid masks...or we're a murdering Trumpster.

If you've been paying can see that we started out washing our hands and wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus. Now they're dictating to us how we're supposed to look, talk, and act.
Like everyone else....I didn't know what we were dealing I wore a mask everywhere, washed my hands frequently, and carried a bottle of hand sanitizer with me everywhere I went.

But then something strange started happening. Democrats started calling for "Peaceful-Demonstrations" over the death of a guy in some city I forget. George Floyd.

I smelled a rat when they started encouraging "Peaceful-Protests" over the death of this criminal....even while they were telling us we couldn't open a barbershop or a restaurant to paying customers.
Every day, there's a new criminal that gets into trouble with cops and the cycle starts all over.
Louisville is the latest example.
The press hides the details of a police action, fomenting the middle of a perpetual pandemic.
The truth eventually gets out, but people aren't listening.
So they organized protests....which is a great way to spread the virus, and they start breaking windows and harassing people trying to go about their lives peacefully. What's ironic is these folks are getting so abusive that often times they have to have police escorts to conduct their "Peaceful-Protests". In some cases the only people protecting them from harm, by people defending themselves, is the very cops they want to defund.

The glaring truth of it is this: You can't go to church or be in the same car with someone without a mask.

You can't attend a football game in an open stadium even while wearing a mask.

You can't jog on the beach and get some fresh air without a mask.

But you can break windows and torch police cars, or attack people driving in their cars while wearing a mask improperly. The mask is just a way to hide your identity from cameras.

Last night I saw a video of a car trying to get thru a crowd of protesters blocking the street....and was chased down by a truck full of assholes, and the driver, who was just trying to get home, was nearly beat to death by a bunch of BLM protesters. He finally got away.....but guess who the cops arrested.?
The driver that was attacked. He did nothing wrong but try to get away from violent criminals.

Apparently the media is helping to make NY Governor Cuomo's response look great compared to FL Governor Desantos' more effective response. Cuomo murdered thousands of senior citizens and helped spread the disease, but for some strange reason the polls show that idiots in his state think his response was effective. Well, either the polls are crap or people in NY have taken leave of their senses.

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People are leaving his state in droves, spreading their liberal voting habits all over the rest of the country while NYC has become a war zone with homeless people pissing and shitting in the streets. People spreading feces on buildings, boarded up windows everywhere. What was once a bustling city is now a 3rd world shithole. And this, to the corrupt media, is an example of a Democrat governor doing a great job. Democrats are literally spreading their shit all over their cities, yet they scream at anyone who does have on a mask.

These Democrats spread the disease on purpose and start calling for more lock downs. Then they have the nerve to use their bogus lock downs as a weapon against Republican governors that aren't imposing new lock downs. Why should rational Republicans destroy their city's businesses with new lock downs when they aren't being irresponsible like Democrats ???? Democrat cities like NYC are being irresponsible.....and they think everyone else should continue to do what they want.....keeping their cities locked down so they can ruin them permanently.

So the result is that the biggest mass-murderer in US history is the popular governor of New York State, according to the polls. Good thing his brother works for CNN.

Are any of you buying this??

If democrats have squirt bottles full of covid they would spray everyone to get Trump out of office . No doubt.


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Jun 19, 2009
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Well it's official the Dems collaborating with Russia (Russian agent was closely tied to Putin) tried to remove a U.S. elected President from office =coup attempt and manipulate a mid term election.=treason. Since they used this treasonous attempt with help from Russia to cause a distraction impeachment during early stages of the pandemic then by their own standards of blame game the Dems with collaboration from Russia killed over 200,500 with covid-19. This is why they are committing obstruction of justice and trying to cheat the election to cover up and squelch the investigations. Remember Hillary said herself that you the people will hang them for what they did.
So get the garage door handle pull ropes ready, we got some swamp critters to round up for treason & as agents of Russia.

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