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CNN is Such a Class Act

Tom Sweetnam

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Aug 27, 2014
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8000' up in the san juan mountain foothills
The ad in worst taste possibly in Super Bowl history, was Nationwide Insurance Company's halftime $4.5 million 30-second spot today, in which a 7 year-old little boy is featured in a number of short bites showing him playing with his old black lab, and being kissed by an admiring little girl on the school bus, and imagining that he's sailing solo around the world with his dog, etc., only to finalize the spot with a clip of a full bathtub in which the little boy drowned before he could realize his ambitions.

So not missing a beat, CNN displayed its faux outrage that anyone could possibly feature television that tasteless, while their researchers beat the bushes for archival 911 tapes that were just aired (1:00 AM Mountain), of frantic mothers screaming in terror at 911 dispatchers because they'd just discovered their toddlers floating face-down in bathtubs. Not one such 911 audio horror mind you, but three! Three! And these reprehensible ghouls are darlings of the left, yes? Does that surprise anyone?

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