Cat Fight Breaks Out On House Floor

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As tempers flared among girl congressmen on Capitol Hill yesterday, all male congressmen found themselves in unprecedented agreement that the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was clearly a mistake.

Stern-faced congressmen glanced at each other in silent unity as multiple girl congressmen erupted into a shameful shouting match during a House Oversight Committee hearing, with all the men sharing the same sentiment that granting women the right to vote and hold office was a severe miscalculation.

"Yeah, the 19th Amendment was a mistake," said Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin. "Back in 1920, I don't think our predecessors had the foresight that this would eventually be the result. We've got to do something to roll things back so we can silence the hen house here."

One of the zillion or so interesting things about this awful period is MAGA's adoption and interpretation of the word "fight". "I want someone who will fight for me", they'll say, as they defend the caveman behaviors of people like MTG.

But what they clearly don't understand is that one can "fight" metaphorically, using reason and intellect. Not volume and juvenile aggression.

Only their supporters don't see intellect as anything. They want what they understand, which is pure Neanderthal.
As I’ve always said.

Trump is garbage. His supporters act like garbage. You see it here daily. Now you’re seeing it in Congress more often.

Trump gets called out for being orange all the time! The fake Eylashes finally needed to be called out as well. No one had the guts lol
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