Breaking: Italian media reports John Durham is headed to Rome to meet with Mifsud — For third time

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Aug 16, 2018
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Italian Spygate irritates Washington, while Durham marks Rome for another trip

A “no comment” has arrived from the US Department of Justice questioned by Adnkronos regarding the indiscretion reported by Atlantic on Saturday morning , according to which the prosecutor John Durham is planning a new visit to Italy, after that of September 27th when together at the Attorney General, William Barr met with the heads of our services, Dis, Aise and Aisi. A hypothesis that was leaked even a month ago by an anonymous source of US intelligence to Reuters , without receiving even in that case confirmations or denials from the DOJ.

But since then what we have called Italygate , the possible involvement of Italy in the origins of the Russiagate, has swelled. The prosecutor would have acquired the audio files of the alleged Mifsud arrived last Wednesday in the editorial offices of Adnkronos and Corriere to examine them and new elements have emerged on the disappearance of the Maltese professor. As we have already observed, however, Italian newspapers and protagonists of this affair (these days very active in providing versions and hypotheses) are perhaps underestimating American investigators, who may already know enough, if not all, so much so that the investigation has recently become “criminal “. It is certain first of all that Barr and Durham knew the version of Mifsud, the one contained in the audio recording delivered to Washington on 26 July by the lawyer Roh, even before meeting in Rome the leaders of our secret services. Why bother coming to Italy, if that version didn’t even call our country into question? And as we have already revealed on the Atlantic, the two visits would have been “prepared” in the previous months by their trusted men, sent in “discovery” in our country.

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An interesting development.....Get ready for multiple indictments!
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