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Another possible way to fund lar


Oct 17, 2011
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Their is a hedge fund that will consider funding thru the monetizing of existing assets.

They do require that any initial submission should contain:. CIS, Passport copy, and appraisal, or SKR, or assay (for inground assets) or some other indication of value, and if the submitter is not the client, the rep must also present a Letter of Authorization from the client.

Here is the guidance I have read on this unique program

In general, if there is a value to the asset, any asset, there is a good chance they will take it.

The text from the "Asset Collateral and Monetization Program" PDF states:

"Gold, Diamonds, Silver, or other precious metals, Coin Collections, Valuable Works of Art, incomplete or stalled Real Estate Developments with equity interest, Leased and owned Financial Instruments , bonds with SKRs and or in the International banking system, CMOs, timber, Coal and Rare Earth to name a few. All assets that have an insurable interest are considered.

Clients are encouraged to submit a file in order to find out for certain.

Clients who want a more detailed 'verdict' on their asset prior to submission should either

a) submit as detailed an explanation as they can of the asset (at least a paragraph) including WHAT kind of documentation of value is being submitted (For example: appraisal, assay, etc. What are the professional qualifications of the source of the appraisal, assay, etc. Are they a licensed appraiser? Engineer? Certified Gemologist? Certified by WHICH organization?)


go ahead and submit the appraisal/assay, etc, (that is, any description of the asset and it's value) and withhold the CIS/PP. If the Insurance company responds positively re the submission, the client can then send the CIS/PP.

Bottom Line is, if you have a question about a specific asset, please submit as detailed a description as possible. The Facilitators will not reply to one-sentence, general statements along the lines of "will they accept X?" The answer is really dependent on whether the asset is insurable, and whether the asset is insurable is dependent on what the client is submitting as proof of value.

Thus, Client or Reps should submit the proof of value when asking if the asset will be considered."

So, if a client has some assets, this could be a good source for them, although, I can certainly understand that many clients are weary of submitting their files, only to get nowhere. And, at the same time, it has also been my experience that many Reps who do NOT actually have a client, however, they know of someone who knows of someone with XX asset, and they hope they can get the owner's business if they can access to a program.

The way the world really works, however, is that you have to have access to the information in the file in order to get a detailed answer re submission.

I hope this is helpful.

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