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I have been told by someone on this forum that he was banned from American Renaissance for praising the positive traits and successful outcomes of Jews. Thus, I consider that site antisemitic, and yes, a white supremacy site.
Jared Taylor used to post this on his website:

“There is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

Thomas Jefferson

Her also claimed to value polite debate.

He no longer makes that claim. He no longer posts that quote by Thomas Jefferson.

He has decided that he wants his website to be an echo chamber of his opinions. He knows his constituency. He knows what they want read. Nevertheless, when he preaches to the choir he loses effectiveness as a missionary.

There is a difference between disliking a demographic because of the average characteristics of the demographic, and disliking the demographic because it is a different one from white Gentiles of European origins. As long as Jared Taylor allows Jews and Orientals to be condemned on his website, and does not allow them to be defended, he will not be taken seriously by people who would otherwise agree with him.

There is a difference between race realism and race bigotry. Race realism asserts a racial hierarchy with Ashkenazi Jews at the top, followed by East Asians, followed by white Gentiles of European descent. The other races follow.

I suppose one can be a race realist and a white advocate, but the two ways of thinking conflict with other. Speaking only for myself, I have always preferred Orientals to my own white Gentile race. I also have a high regard for Jews.

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