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A Few Definitions Conservs Might Like...


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Jul 14, 2011
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From the Politically Incorrect Dictionary:

Al Sharpton: A public and political figure whose goal in life is to fight racism by creating more of it.

Department of Education: A federal agency which insures that all American children are given an equally poor education.

Labor Union: An organization run by executives and representatives whose job it is to continually extort an increase of pay for the workers until their jobs have to be shipped overseas because of the high cost of domestic labor.

Liberal: One who believes that being openly gay is an inalienable right but being openly Christian is cause for termination from a job. One who believes we would all be more motivated and work harder, if only the government would take care of all our needs.

Tax: A penalty collected for which there was no infraction and which will be used for purposes other than promised or intended.

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