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A Day on the (Illegal) Taxpayer funded Campaign Trail with President Obama


Jul 26, 2011
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Comedian Dick Gregory made this observation when explaining CIA agents who had been captured during the war. His remark was, “How can you tell an “ex-CIA operative from a CIA operative.” Mr. Gregory explained, “You can tell because when a CIA operative is caught he is then an ex-CIA operative.”

Hmm, that’s sort of like when is a Taxpayer funded Bus Campaign swing that violates American election laws, not a Taxpayer funded Bus Campaign swing? Answer, when the White house says that it is not a Taxpayer funded Bus Campaign swing. The White house said that what is really happening is Official White house business. A three state poll so to speak. The president is Busing through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois to listen to the American people. And to get an idea of what the people are thinking…in this election year. Read more... Creating Orwellian Worldview

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