15 Trends To Earth Federation In Next 50 Years

most members do not read OPs that are that long
providing a link and the critical points are enough
But I want to fully expound the important things and deeply discuss with some people. I think this forum needs some long posts and some people like long posts.
Long posts are fine.

Long posts full of gobbledygook are not. In this OP, you constantly use words in multiple ways that are not compatible and broad general statements that are simply not true. For instance: "Therefore, constant balance and ever-changing contradiction are the basic characteristics of the universe. " is a meaningless statement. I can glean absolutely nothing from that. I can state that contradiction is certainly not a 'basic characteristic of the universe' and that is what happens when you try and use nebulous terms to refer to grand visions. It comes out as meaningless gobbledygook.
Wow, I forgot about this one. I suspect the OP is an academic locked away in his ivory tower with very little contact with the real world and even then it's from within his self created bubble. Talk about a naively simplistic outlook that completely fails to take into account the myriad complexities of human nature, good and bad as well as a lack of knowledge concerning often clashing cultural and political differences even within nation states. History shows us that we have not really changed all that much throughout the centuries, yes we've gone from clan rule, through monastic rule up to nation states but that's about the only thing that's really changed. Yes we've become more knowledgeable but this isn't the first time that such a (relatively) short lived renaissance has occurred before we drive ourselves back into a (relatively) short period of large scale war and chaos. Then the cycle repeats itself with constant little wars and chaos in between.
I fear the only way humankind will ever achieve true harmony is with it's total and complete annihilation........
Concise and to the point. Thanks!

My topic almost includes all of basic things of the universe so it needs lots of words.
Your object should be to get people to read your post otherwise you are wasting your time. Perhaps you should consider discussing a few basic things of the universe first and later add further discussions. Consider trying that approach. You might be surprised at the number of serious replies you generate.
Does the op really expect people to read that drivel?

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