1. Robert Urbanek

    World War Z, World War C

    The world war against the coronavirus has some parallels with the 2013 movie World War Z, in which a zombie infestation is approached by medical experts as a pandemic. One character in the movie posits that the plague is a virus and that development of a vaccine depends on finding the source...
  2. Stasha_Sz

    George A. Romero, Modern Zombie Film Creator, Dead At 77

    George A. Romero, Director & co-writer of the 1968 smash hit, Night of the Living Dead, has died of cancer in his sleep at 77. Born in Bronx, NY, on 4 February, 1940 to a Cuban father and Lithuanian American mother, produced his classic film on a budget of $114,000USD and filmed near Pittsburgh...
  3. anotherlife

    Real zombies by the avatars of the ancient world.

    There are a few reports that in the ancient world, there were strange visitors, called avatars, that could raise the dead, like Jesus Christ did 1000's of years later in the gospels. But these avatars were different in that they raised them even when their bodies semi decomposed, thus creating...

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