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    Death of a Diplomat and World War III

    Death of a Diplomat and World War III | Clarion Project What are the global implications after the assassination of Russia’s man in Ankara on December 19? Meira Svirsky reports. Scare mongers predicting World War III after a Turkish policeman assassinated the Russian ambassador to Ankara can...
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    DRAFTOURDAUGHTERS: Pro war Hillary faces backlash over female draft

    Hillary Clinton’s support for a female draft is sparking outrage as she continues to fuel war tensions with Russia. Clinton initially backed requiring women to register for the draft back in June, but the backlash really exploded as Clinton started taunting Russia after the last presidential...
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    Russia and the United States have never been allies. One easily remembers how tense and long-lasting the Cold War was, and it left Russia very angry that they suffered such a demoralizing defeat as a world power. BREAKING: Putin Just Gave Obama 24 Hours Or His Ships Will Open Fire Well I guess...
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    Vladimir Putin tells the US ‘If you want a war, you will get one – EVERYWHERE’

    Vladimir Putin will not back down as the war drums beat between Moscow and Washington, according to Russian military experts.The Kremlin and the White House are sitting in a tense standoff as the US accuse Russia of “war crimes” over atrocities in Syria. Relations have plunged to Cold War...
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    US on edge over new powder keg in the South China Sea

    China and the Philippines could begin exploiting long-untapped energy reserves in the South China Sea, according to reports coming out of this week's meeting between Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte and high-ranking Chinese officials — including a Thursday sit-down with ChinesePresident Xi...
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    TOP British general warns of nuclear war with Russia, The end of life as we know it

    TOP BRITISH GENERAL WARNS OF NUCLEAR WAR WITH RUSSIA; “THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT” Claims Moscow plans to march into Baltic states Senior British army officer and former deputy supreme allied commander Europe Gen. Sir Richard Shirreff warns that NATO faces “nuclear war with Russia in Europe,”...
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    Russian nuclear warships entering UK waters in 'a show of force'

    Russian nuclear warships entering UK waters in 'a show of force' A fleet of Russian nuclear-powered warships and fighter jets has reached the North Sea and is scheduled to enter UK territorial waters early Friday, amid rising tensions between Moscow and the Western military alliance of NATO...
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    Russian Official Warns 'There Will Be Hiroshimas And Nagasakis Everywhere'

    Obama has done a fine job ticking off Russia. He thinks we have so many allies when in reality just about every country out there hates America. We are like little panizies wearing little pink ballerina dresses and we are all geared up for war with our tutu's on...
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    WAR DRUMS: DEFCON Warning System Has Just Been Raised To DEFCON 3

    The DEFCON Warning System Alert status has just been raised to code Yellow. DEFCON 3. Tensions between Russia and the United States have reached levels beyond the cold war in the recent week. The situation between Russia and the United States is extremely fluid at the moment. In all likelihood...

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