1. A

    Words and numbers

    When one counts phrases with numbers When one counts phrases with numbers , one doesn’t end up with a phrase that makes sense for humans at any time in their history up to now, because if you REALLY think otherwise… When one counts phrases with numbers , one can end up with a phrase that makes...
  2. easyt65

    Dems Veronica Escobar/Jackson Lee Committed Perjury During Impeachment Hearing - 'Schiff Parody'

    D-Adam Schiff was NAILED for intentionally attempting to present a fictional account of the phone all between the President and the Ukraine PM - a false account he authored - as evidence of a crime against President Trump during an Impeachment hearing Schiff was chairing in the House Intel...
  3. P@triot

    What a sad indictment on progressivism

    So actually reading what is written on a legal document and accepting the words exactly as they are is now considered “Originalism” and “Textualism” by the left? Seriously? “Textualism”? :eusa_doh: Words have absolutely no meaning to the left. If they did, they couldn’t make a case for their...
  4. Gracie

    Should you be a robot on the internet?

    What are your thoughts on words written on a screen from a complete stranger? Do you feel emotion? Or do you pretend its just gobbledegoop and like water off a ducks back, it should just puddle and dissipate? Poster A said: If words hurt you, you have problems. If you let words from anonymous...
  5. Auld Phart

    Two Words, celebrity names version

    This version, instead of just random words, requires celebrity names. Names can come from politics, entertainment, sports, et cetera. such as Q E Queen Elizabeth R R Ronald Reagan, Roy Rogers, B R

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