1. JGalt

    Why no black female country music performers?

    Has there ever been such a person? Some people would say that country music is a "racist" institution and that a black female would never make it in that business. But remember Charlie Pride? I don't recall ever hearing any white person denigrating him because he was black. And he was a country...
  2. J

    Weight Loss

    How Possible Is It That Someone Is Actually Pretending That She Is Struggling To Fit Into Those Jeans Just For This Advertisement For Tonalin CLA?: I Am Showing You Both Versions Of This Picture,Because I Found Out That It Was Used To Advertise Tonalin CLA. Because This Page Has A Fuzzy...
  3. J

    Unknown Advertisements

    Where Can I Find A Video That Shows The Following Stuff? I Am Looking For A Video That Shows A Commercial Where A Boy Is Jumping Through A Sprinkler & A Girl/Woman Is Outside & Spreading Mustard On Her Hot Dog From Side To Side. The Screen Then Freezes For A Few Seconds & Then When It Resumes...

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