1. Divine Wind

    Al Franken tells Hillary to "Move on"

    Heck, even Al Franken is tired of listening to Hillary's incessant whining about losing the election. It appears he was okay when she only blamed the Republicans and the Russians, but when she added blaming Democrats to her list of whines, Franken said "". Hillary Clinton told to 'move on'...
  2. P@triot

    "Poverty Appropriation"

    God Almighty....is there anything the fragile little snowflakes on the left will not whine about? They whine about the so-called "1%" living lavishly, and then when people want to live simply, they whine about that and proclaim that they are essentially "stealing" poverty from the impoverished...
  3. M

    Stealing Delegates For Dummies

    Life is unfair. In the United States of America, the presidential primary season is comparable to Major League Baseball (MLB). Both can be viewed as contests between opposing teams. Under the Official Rules in the MLB, there is a particularly interesting and relevant official rule, that...

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