1. G

    Facebook delete my posts questioning why some races have lower IQ

    They said it's hate speech. I want to study how some cultural practice causes rising IQ or declining IQ. I wonder if we can improve society by improving IQ of society. Facebook declares that it's hate speech. After they said it's hate speech, I created another thread questioning it. They...
  2. Ryan Adams

    New Irish podcast based on movies and comicbooks

    Just came across this new podcast hosted by 2 Irish guys and thought someone here might like it too. Its called "HEROES FOR HIRE" Its very nerdy but i love their accents and they are very quick thinking, i always laugh out loud multiple times during episodes. They release 3 types of shows a...
  3. Never3ndr

    Transgender, Non-Binary, and all the Ridiculousness in Between...

    I recently watched a clip of a "non-binary transgender" person coming out to Obama during a press conference and found myself confused (no...not in that way). This really seemed to be looked favorably upon in that setting which I found mystifying. Now, I am a moderate liberal and I'm not...

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