1. Street Juice

    Only about half of Russia's billionaire oligarchs are being sanctioned

    Only about half of Russia's billionaire oligarchs are being sanctioned, but if you notice which half is operating as usual, you'll be called an antisemite. From that alone, we know that the Russia//Ukraine conflict is Khazar (Jewish) at its root. Christians killing Christians for the benefit of...
  2. cnelsen

    Diverse Jews of the New York Times as one when it comes to war on behalf of Israel

    When Bret Stephens was hired last April by the New York Times to write an opinion column, he was touted as an example of the Times' commitment to diversity of opinion. He's "conservative". While he was running the Jerusalem Post, he made Paul Wolfowitz the Post's 2003 Man of the Year for his...
  3. cnelsen

    In warmongering anti-Russia propaganda video, Soros uses telling imagery

    Easily the most despicable hum... er, creature ever to occupy the planet, George Soros, as spiritually repellent as he is physically repugnant, beats the war drums for war against Russia... Notice how the clip of Putin making the sign of the cross is used. Interspersed with clips of violence, it...
  4. cnelsen

    The view of US election from Scottish socialist party

    [Scottish First Minister Nicola] Sturgeon, making clear her own reliance on identity politics, praised Hillary Clinton’s defeated right-wing militarist campaign as “a major step forward for women in America and across the world.” According to Sturgeon, the corrupt corporate warmonger “is owed a...
  5. cnelsen

    Here is Soros pushing for war. Again.

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