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  1. JGalt

    Walker, Texas Ranger Politically-Correct Reboot

    Not Walker, Texas Ranger. You perverted bastards!!! "Beloved CBS show "Walker, Texas Ranger" is set for a reboot, but some fans may be less than thrilled to hear that the show is also slated to undergo a couple of woke changes. For instance, Sgt. Cordell Walker's new partner will be a woman...
  2. Cellblock2429

    Wisconsin GOP advances measure that would make state first to drug test for health benefits

    MADISON - Wisconsin could become the first state in the nation to require needy but able-bodied adults to work and submit to drug tests to qualify for public health coverage, under a proposal advanced by lawmakers Thursday. Republicans on the Legislature’s budget committee outvoted Democrats...
  3. Fiero425

    Donald Trump to hold rally in Green Bay on Friday

    Donald Trump to hold rally in Green Bay on Friday - - Donald Trump is headed to Wisconsin, where some of the state's Republican officials have been distancing themselves from politically charged...

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