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  1. L

    Aleppo battle: syrian freedom fighters set military milestones as extra Rio Olympics open

    Aleppo battle: freedom fighters setting military milestonoes as extra Olympics open London 2012 was scripted as the very last Olympics. That's why the illuminati used it to pushh to new limits the celebration of satanism in plain sight. Syrians were the main reason why they were forced to stage...
  2. L

    Syria: Fleeing and surrending IV Reich soldiers are the smart guys - VIDEOS of Battle of Aleppo

    Syria: Fleeing and surrending IV Reich soldiers are the smart guys - VIDEOS They are not ready to die to make sure that Russia, Iran and Baghdad treasonous puppets continue to transfer oil to illuminati safes, not to mention the rest of the puppets supplying cannon futter, starting with...
  3. L

    Apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015

    Illuminati apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015: Hitler's Dresden to ISIS' Raqqa Laws of End Times Reductionism commanding illuminati theater: From real bombs to videos repackaged as black is white and videos created with computer graphics. Syria: Computer graphic videos...
  4. Anonymous1977

    Interesting articles, videos, and pictures thread

    Post any article, video, or picture that you find interesting... (No known fakes please) -
  5. Anonymous1977

    Interesting videos & photos thread...

    Post a video or photo that you find interesting... Pope and Moslem leader praying together:

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