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  1. J

    Foreign, noncitizens, may dominate next election in New York City

    The bottom line is, allowing 800,000 foreign nationals to vote in NYC, most certainly can allow foreigners to dominate NYC’s elections. Keep in mind in NYC’s last election, Eric Adams won the Mayoral election with a total of 754,000 votes. Now tell me that allowing 800,000 foreign nationals to...
  2. P@triot

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all

    If you look at how Democrats think, act, and parent, one can only fully expect their voters to place a 13 year old child in the governor’s office. The only question is whether their will be enough conservative and independent voters to prevent it. 13-year-old Democrat running for Vermont...
  3. washamericom

    Vermont has Bernie fatigue...

    i admit it, the old guy has worn me out. here in Vermont it's all Bernie all of the time. all of our tv channels are "the Bernie channel". the only thing worse would be if it was halloween and ten people at my front door wearing Bernie masks are here to liberate the redistribution of my candy...
  4. washamericom

    vermont governors endorse hillary:

    it's true. Peter Shumlin, in New Hampshire... Howard Dean to campaign for Hillary Clinton Clinton warns GOP against shutdown over Planned Parenthood Two of Vermont’s most prominent Democrats will campaign for Hillary Clinton this week, sending a clear message to fellow Vermonter Bernie...

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