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  1. Billy_Bob

    Theraputics... A game Changer....

    Now this was somewhat unexpected.. Trumps rapid recovery from the COVID-19 infection and the Monoclonal Antibodies are changing the Presidential debate narrative.. With the Emergency Use Authorization and rapid availability to everyone, free of charge, catching COVID-19 is now not seen as a...
  2. The Original Tree

    Two things you didn't know about The Corona Virus and The Bible

    This might be slightly shocking to some when they realize the strange and frightening origins of English Words based on Greek or Latin that we use in our medical terminology. Those with a degree of education should not be shocked by this, and you will simply have suspicions confirmed. Did you...
  3. Eloy

    Trump believes vaccination causes autism

    I read in THE TIMES of yesterday that "Mr Trump has said that he believes there is a link between vaccination and autism." (page17) He tweeted that there are many cases of healthy children going to a doctor only to be pumped full of vaccines and then becomes autistic. He reaffirmed this view...
  4. MindWars

    Feds plan to force vaccinate

    A public-interest legal team has filed comments with the federal government objecting to a planned Centers for Disease Control rule-change that would allow the government to impose forced vaccinations on Americans under certain circumstances. Erin Mersino, senior legal counsel for the Great...

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