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  1. Pogo

    This Date in Bigotry: Jews Expelled from TN, KY and MS

    December 17, 1862: Major General Ulysses S. Grant, who would become President of the United States six years later, issued the infamous General Order No 11, expelling all Jews from the Union-controlled district comprising Tennessee and Kentucky west of the Tennessee River, and parts of northern...
  2. O

    George Washington NOT a homophobe

    You saw that right! Even the HuffPost says so: The Gay Man Who Saved The American Revolution | HuffPost Puts a bit of a dent in the whole "the founders were all homophobes" argument doesn't it?
  3. Owsi68

    US Military History: the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

    On June 19, 1944 the largest and last major carrier v carrier battle of the WWII Pacific theater began with the Japanese launching a 68-plane strike group towards US naval forces off the coast of Saipan. At the conclusion of the 2-day battle the American forces prevailed. The most notable...

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